Healing in the Hamptons


Are you a woman who feels open, committed and ready to make
changes in your life that have eluded you? Are you brave and curious?

I invite you to discover a unique way to be supported in working with your challenges in one or more major aspect of your life.

Come and explore a very different yet extraordinarily effective approach to get from here to where you truly long to be.

Do any of these resonate for you?

• You want to move out of the fear of not earning enough money to a place of real abundance and making more than enough to support your needs;

• You want to surrender the beliefs that you have to be perfect or ‘perform’ to be successful, that there’s always competition and a race to meet deadlines, that you have to live up to yours or others expectations of success and become authentically you in your power within your career;

• You want to feel less anxiety, more ease, grounded, embodying your enough-ness to enjoy social situations, business meetings, conferences, educational & community events and your children’s social and school activities;

• You are tired of saying yes to everything, feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, reacting to events and people and want to learn how to live with boundaries that take care of you yet don’t alienate friends and family. You long for clarity, presence and connection to allow a natural balance, rhythm and flow in your life;

• You want to feel worthy of and be able to receive love and support from your partner, family and in raising your children to give yourself what you need with time, space, self-care and self-love;

• You wish to heal and improve your relationships with your husband, partner, your children, your family members, friends, neighbors or romantic interests;

• You want to change careers and love what you do to as a reflection & expression of your values & creativity – embracing that it is never too late to do what you feel in your heart you are meant to do and be – while earning an abundant living that reflects your true worth;

• You’re ready to invite a loving committed relationship into your life and accept that you are lovable and worthy of love. You wish to surrender the fear that you’ll be hurt, betrayed or abandoned if you’re vulnerable and open your heart to receive love; It it never too late and you are not too old!

• You seek to restore yourself to health, vitality, mental clarity and heal from chronic illness, low energy/depression and physical injuries.

My offer to you:

• increase the resonance and balance of vibrational energy throughout your body to feel better, think more clearly and enjoy life more deeply;

• rediscover your true essence;

• enjoy your life with more passion, energy, creativity and connection;

• support your healing from physical or emotional pain:

• restore your body to health and balance.

It is my sincere intention to help you release the areas within your energy consciousness that feel stuck and frozen and help you recover the sweet essence of your being!

My energy healing modality offers you a way to return to fulfillment, wholeness and joy – and find your true purpose on earth on your path back to remembering who you truly are and why you are here.


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The Inspiration for Healing in the Hamptons

The foundation and inspiration for Healing in the Hamptons is based upon Dr. Barbara Brennan’s work, the founder of Brennan School for Healing Science who is a former NASA physicist, pioneer and innovator in the field of energy consciousness, energy medicine and energy healing.

In the 1980’s, Dr. Brennan established the Brennan School of Healing Science in East Hampton, NY and then moved the school to the Bridgehampton Community Center for several more years. Dr. Brennan lived and worked in East Hampton when she wrote her two groundbreaking books “Hands of Light ®” published in 1987 and “Light Emerging ®”, published in 1993.

The higher vibration of healing consciousness continues to resonate strongly throughout the communities that compose the Hamptons today. The Hamptons are a special place, famous for miles of beaches and natural beauty and has always attracted people in search of their own path to peace, solitude and restoration in a spiritual and healing environment.

Healing in the Hamptons is dedicated to healing through the principles of applied Energy Medicine and Brennan Healing Science. I offer a powerful hands-on energy healing technique to assist you with your personal process of healing and manifesting the life you long to create. Energy healing touches every aspect of your life to help you discover your unique gifts and longings to bring into the world.

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