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Energy Healing Is the Way In to Live your Best Life!

Awaken to your Authentic Self
Live in Alignment  with your True Soul’s Purpose!


Welcome to Healing in the Hamptons

Center for Energy Healing & Personal Transformation


I am so glad you are here!  

If you found your way here, you have a longing and a spiritual curiosity to access the magic of your life.

This longing is Universal. It is a desire each of us has to live from our authentic self and

create your life with passion, purpose and pleasure!

Are you ready to Become who you came here to be?

You are the one who chooses to heal and transform.

Wnen you let go of what doesn't serve you and has been holding you back,

you step into the path of freedom and fulfillment!

Does speaks to you?

You want to live in the freedom of financial abundance;

You long to create a livelihood that fulfills you;

You are done with overgiving, people-pleasing and putting your needs last;

You want to live with a sense of being more deeply grounded, embodied and safe;

​You're sick and tired of feeling sick and tired;

You long for more intimate relationships to receive the love & support you deserve in deeper connection to yourself.

Then book a clarty session with me below 

to see how I can support you!

(For upcoming Classes and Group Programs, scroll to the bottom of the page )

In this clarity call, you will have a chance to connect with the deeper longings you have, bring light to what's in the way of fulfilling your dreams and discover how I can support you on your journey through powerful Brennan Energy Healing.

If you are ready for an Energy Healing Session with me, click below to choose your date!

Types of Energy Healing you can Receive:

Auric Field Recharge, Restructure, Rebalance and Vibrational Uplift 

Brain Balancing Healing to lessen anxiety & repetivie fearful thoughts, restore mental health in safety and peace

Chakra Restoration & Restructuring 

Chelation to clear residue of Chemotherapy & Radiation 

Relief from Chronic Inflammation 

Endocrine Rebalancing (Adrenal Fatigue, Thyroid diseases & Autoimmune disorders)

Structural Energy Healing - for sports injuries, falls, pre & post-surgery.

Love, Relationship & Emotional Healing 

Hara and Core Star Healing to Align your Intention with your life purpose 

Third Eye Healing Awakening to Activate Creativity & Inspiration

Ancestral Lineage, Family Constellation, Karmic & Soul Retreival Healings 

Support for Neurodiverse families

To read more about upcoming events and classes, click below:


Holiday Newsletter 2023
Gratitude &  Manifestation

Barbara Brennan
Core Light Healing Workshop
Nov 28-20th, 2023 

Women's Journey

of Purpose & Fulfillment

Info Session 12-2-23 


Send me an email or text to reach me faster!

Phone: 917-509-6189

Sharon Daffner Bakes

Certified Advanced Brennan Energy Healer

Transformational Integrative Counselor 

Spiritual Alchemist


Corporate Health & Wellness Consultant

EFT Practitioner

Workshop Leader & Educator

Guided Meditation & Sound Bowl Leader

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Client Testimonials


Sag Habor, NY

Sharon has a centered, compassionate presence. Her healing work is very deep and connected. She is very supportive and understanding; being with her has brought peace and trust to me. Having the opportunity to work with her has been an experience that allowed me to open, feel more connected with others and feel better on a physical and spiritual level. I have been able to reduce the level of anxiety and fear I carry in my life at work, in relationships and with my family and I am living from ease and love more of the time now. I am so grateful!

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