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Warm Greetings Of Love And Light To You!

Welcome to Healing in the Hamptons
Center for Personal Transformation and Energy Healing


We are all Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience 

You are the one who chooses - to heal, transform and integrate the messiness of our human experience with the higher divine qualities we all possess. Discard what doesn't serve you that has been holding you back!


I work with people who aim to reconnect with what’s missing - 
even if they don’t know what that is yet.

My healing sessions will release energy blocks in your field & restructure your chakras back to vitality and balance. Rediscover your true self and gifts you desire to live from.

I work with people who have a longing, a spiritual curiosity, and an open mind to the magic of life. It is a universal desire to live from our authentic selves - who we truly are - to create in freedom, inspired by our passion. My clients come from all walks of life, genders, and ages from all over the world. They may be diverse religiously, ethnically, and culturally - but we truly are all one! Healing the human experience of Duality or Separation allows us to return to Universal Divine Truth, Love, and Consciousness. We are the agents of our own self-discovery and innate gifts to awaken!

Does this speak to you? 

  • Do you want to feel the freedom of financial abundance?

  • Are you burned out in your career and seeking to create a livelihood that fulfills you? 

  • Do you often feel overwhelmed and anxious?

  • Do you experience episodes of rage or anger? 

  • Confusion or depression? 

  • Do you suffer from chronic health issues and often feel out of balance?

  • Do you feel alone, unsupported, or disconnected from your life?

Now imagine...

What it would be like to experience:

  • Freedom from self-limiting beliefs and the expectations of others

  • Connection to your highest truth 

  • Passion for your life’s purpose

  • Authentic relationships with others 

  • A return to vibrant health, energy, and wholeness.

  • Embodying your calling and sharing that in the world

Types of Energy Healing you can Receive:


Auric Field Rebalancing and Vibrational Uplift

Brain Balancing 

Chakra Restructuring 

Chelation: Removal of heavy metals/chemical residues from chemotherapy or radiation that splinter energy and make the field sluggish

Chronic Inflammation - Endocrine Balancing for Adrenal Fatigue, Thyroid diseases, Autoimmune disorders and more

Energetic Matrix Healing - for sports injuries, falls, pre & post-surgeries, musculoskeletal restructuring to accelerate healing from broken bones, injured, torn ligaments, bruised muscles and organs and more

Spiritual Surgery 

Emotional and Mental Health Healing: ADHD, anxiety, depression, OCD, and other disorders

Hara and Core Star Healing: To align your intentions with your purpose 

Passion and Inspiration Deficit Healings

Past Life, Karmic, Ancestral Lineage, and Family Constellation Healing 

Love & Relationship Healing

Soul Retrieval Healing

Healings for families & parents of Neurodiverse children

(Read more about support for Parents of Neurodiverse Children)

Get the results you seek and transform your life! 

Healing Journeys I offer

Gain more info on healing journeys and how they can help you

Classes, Workshops, &

Sacred Spaces

View Upcoming Events

Gain insight into the workshops and events from Healing In The Hamptons


Sharon Daffner Bakes

Certified Advanced Brennan Energy Healer

Therapeutic Transformational Counselor


Kind words from some clients


Sag Habor, NY

Sharon has a centered, compassionate presence. Her healing work is very deep and connected. She is very supportive and understanding; being with her has brought peace and trust to me. Having the opportunity to work with her has been an experience that allowed me to open, feel more connected with others and feel better on a physical and spiritual level. I have been able to reduce the level of anxiety and fear I carry in my life at work, in relationships and with my family and I am living from ease and love more of the time now. I am so grateful!

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