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The Inspiration For Healing In The Hamptons

In the 1980’s, Dr. Barbara Brennan lived and worked in East Hampton when she wrote her two groundbreaking books “Hands of Light ®” published in 1987 and “Light Emerging ®”, published in 1993.

The higher vibration of healing consciousness continues to resonate strongly throughout the communities that compose the Hamptons today. The Hamptons are a special place, famous for miles of beaches and natural beauty and has always attracted people in search of their own path to peace, solitude and restoration in a spiritual and healing environment.

Healing in the Hamptons is dedicated to healing through the principles of applied Energy Medicine and Brennan Healing Science. I offer a powerful hands-on energy healing technique to assist you with your personal process of healing and manifesting the life you long to create. Energy healing touches every aspect of your life to help you discover your unique gifts and longings to bring into the world.

Learn more, ask questions of me, it would be my pleasure!


Email:  or  Text: 917-509-6189

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