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How I Work

I offer 1:1 private sessions in person, by phone, or via Zoom. I also offer group healing sessions and healing meditations. Each session is practiced in a safe and confidential setting to clear your energy field of blocks, restructure your Chakras, realign, rebalance and uplift your vibration. All of this restores vitality, clarity, peace, and well-being to your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual levels.

Do any of these questions strike a chord with you?

  • Do you notice familiar patterns repeating in relationships, work, or in your health?

  • Do your finances leave you feeling scared, ashamed, frustrated, or low self-worth? 

  • Have you tried to learn from your mistakes but, while things seem to get better for a time, they reappear again as painful experiences?

  • Have you received different types of help (therapy, life coaching, workshops, retreats, alternative or traditional medicine) to ‘fix what’s wrong’ but still feel stuck?

  • Do you believe that you have the inherent ability to heal yourself?

  • Do you long for one or more of these fundamental human needs:

    • intimate and authentic relationships

    • deeper, personal fulfillment

    • emotional, mental, and physical well-being

    • spiritual development and connection to your higher gifts 

    • financial safety and security  

    • freedom to go in the direction of your longings and calling 

If one or more do resonate, then this modality of healing and transformation may be for you!

Learn more, ask questions of me, it would be my pleasure!


Email:  or  Text: 917-509-6189

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