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Energy Healing Classes

(In-Person And On Zoom)

Group Programs:

  • Group Meditations

  • Goddess Circles

  • Chakra and Sound Bowl Healing Circles

  • Quantum Field Manifestation Classes

  • Energy Healing Workshops: experiential learning of energy healing skills

  • Divine Goddess Retreats

I teach classes on a regular basis on a wide breadth of topics such as those listed below and more:

  • A Deep Dive into your Chakras and Auric Field

  • Building Healthy Energy Boundaries 

  • Charting your Course through your (Third Eye) 6th Chakra

  • End Overgiving, People-pleasing, and Energy Vampires from your life

  • Manifesting Abundance of all kinds

  • Healing your Heart Chakra from Betrayal & Abandonment

  • Karmic and Ancestral Healing

  • Creating your life from the Quantum Field of Infinite Possibilities

  • Living with Neurodiversity, ADHD, and related disorders

  • Healing the Narcissistic Mother Wound

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