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Your Healing Journey Awaits 

Support For Women In Transition

Embody your power within and balance the energies of your Feminine (receptive) and Masculine (active) strengths to do just about anything you want in life.


Feeling like something has to give? Realign your life with your passion, career and relationships. Your children may be leaving the nest, you may be a working mom with younger children and are still trying to win at the balancing act.  Healing sessions provide balance and restore your energy to make space for your needs & health, better relationship boundaries, career fulfillment, creativity, and lifestyle changes with more pleasure and freedom in your life!  

Reignite Your Mojo

Discover your hidden passion 

Support for those who have lost passion in their relationships or career and are looking to reinvent themselves. Healing sessions help you examine your childhood relationships, interests, talents, passions, and forgotten desires to help you create a second or even third chapter in your life. Create a lifestyle and work that brings you joy, passion, and fulfillment..

Parenting Support For With Neurodiverse Children

When you heal your entire family heals

Parents of Neurodiverse children need support and community. The task of raising and educating ND children is often exhausting, overwhelming, frustrating, and isolating – and also fulfilling, exhilarating and profoundly life-changing.  One of the biggest gifts you can give your special child is YOU – holding strong grounding, boundaries, clarity, and love in a calm, balanced environment. This fosters an ideal living environment and healing cocoon for your brilliant, differently-wired child to thrive and become their authentic self!

Restore Physical Health & Mental Wellbeing

Healing support for people with physical issues such as pre/post-surgery recovery, chronic disease, cancer treatments, heart or blood pressure issues, autoimmune diseases, Lyme, EBV, neuropathy, migraines, thyroid disease, digestive disorders, and more. Regain balance and clarity of your mental health such as anxiety, depression, mood swings, OCD,  insomnia, ADHD, Aspergers/ADS, and more.

For consult or to schedule a session, contact:

Sharon Bakes via phone:  (917)509-6189    

or send email by clicking here


A 24-hour notification is required or you will be charged for the missed session.

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