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Brennan Healing Science offers a unique and powerful modality of healing:

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A holistic view of causes of disease and treatments.


Utilizes information through what we term High Sense Perception, (the Clairs) regarding aspects of the presenting complaint or illness to assist in healing.


We work together in a container of co-healing to activate your innate healing abilities.

Brennan Energy Healing is rooted in science-based evidence of Quantum Physics, Core Energetics/Mind-Body Psychotherapy, and spiritual healing. I use unique and powerful healing skills from various traditions and cultures in multiple energetic dimensions that I refer to as the Aura, Hara, Core Star, and Quantum Field and incorporate principles of Reiki and Shamanic medicine, based on your ancestral lineage.

In 1905, Albert Einstein first published his Special Theory of Relativity—which described his revolutionary ideas about light, time, and energy—and the discovery of quantum physics, which is the scientific view of reality, supported the idea that we are all made up of energy. 


Fast forward to the present day, and it is widely accepted that all things are interconnected as energy.  Technology has developed over the past 100 years that can measure the electromagnetic field emanating from the physical body, chakras, objects, and all living things. This is the energy within our Auric Field - also called the Aura or Human Energy Field (HEF). It is a golden egg-shaped container surrounding our physical form that consists of the many energetic vibrations of our consciousness. It can be described as interpenetrating levels of energy that surround our physical bodies and creates the footprint of our physical existence and lives. Our health reflects the balance or imbalances within our field from the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical body. Our field contains the vibrations of our feelings, thoughts, reactions, attitudes, relationships, and beliefs. We feel and react to each other and our environment through the Auric field. Any weakness, blocks, or imbalances over time will affect our health and physical body. Chronic energy blocks can be resolved through transforming and clearing with trained energy healers.

Many ancient cultures have practiced and recorded methods of energy healing for thousands of years around the world. For example, in India dating back 5,000 years, they spoke of a universal energy called Prana. Prana is universal energy; it is the breath of life that is the source of all life. 3,000 years ago, the Chinese held the principle that life was vital energy which they called Ch’i. According to this principle, all matter - animated or not - is composed of universal energy with two poles of force: yin and yang. When yin and yang are in balance, the body is healthy. The ancient art of Acupuncture is based on these principles to restore the balance between yin and yang. 


Each of us has an active role in our healing process. No matter how miraculous some results may seem, a healer can encourage your self-awareness, awaken your power, and invite you to heal yourself through natural healing processes. Health is not only about the physical body - it is also a balance of harmony in all aspects of our lives.


Inner healing restores balance and health in all aspects by directly working on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions of one’s being, including belief systems. Healing helps to restore vitality, health, and well-being using powerful energy healing techniques.

We are highly trained healers and have completed over 2000 hours of coursework in the undergraduate four-year Professional Studies Program including mind-body psychology, therapeutic training, and progressive anatomy and physiology courses.


Graduates of the school have completed intensive studies in personal transformation, therapeutic psychological training, and High Sense Perception (often referred to as the Clair - sentient, kinesthetic, audient, cognizant & clairvoyant, etc.) in the 4-year undergraduate program. We are highly trained energy healers who have learned specialized hands-on healing techniques and skills in professional practice and integrative care. These techniques and skills cannot be learned from reading Dr. Brennan’s books alone. Graduates have mastered the art of tracking energetic connections between mind, body, and emotions within the field. Both the undergraduate and Advanced Studies Graduate training programs are extremely vigorous and challenge the healers to bring more of their shadow to the light to hold clients where they are and be a channel of healing for others. This requires dedication to our process of healing and transformation to hold the client’s highest longings for healing.


As a BHS Practitioner, I hold your healing as a sacred experience. My primary objective is to support you in your unique healing journey with confidentiality, integrity, and compassion. I create a safe, empathic, and life-affirming environment to best facilitate your healing and transformational process. In the broader context of community and world service, I apply my knowledge and training to support the evolution of your human spirit. This modality may be combined with traditional medical care, therapeutic emotional and mental health care, and other alternative healers. BHS practitioners are an integral part of every healing team!- 


Dr. Barbara Ann Brennan is a pioneer and innovator in the field of energy consciousness and the Human Energy or Auric Field. She is a world-renowned spiritual leader, healer, author, and educator. Dr. Brennan holds a Doctor of Philosophy, a Doctor of Theology, a master’s degree in Atmospheric Physics, a B.S. in Physics, and worked as a research scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. She is also a graduate of the Institute of Core Energetics and a Senior Pathwork® Helper. 


With an early background as an astrophysicist, later work in Humanistic modalities and body psychology, and her ability to perceive the energies of the human aura, Dr. Brennan was able to form correlations between what was happening in the auric field, or biofield, and physical manifestation. With her work in science and an awakened ability to sense and perceive what is now called the auric field in esoteric realms or biofield in scientific thought, Dr. Brennan began to explore the relationship between physical problems and the structure of the energy in a person’s aura. In her work as a Bioenergetic Counselor, she found that matters of psychology, spirituality, and feelings can all be perceived in the auric field/biofield. Consciousness and the energy in the auric field cannot be divided.


In 1982, Dr. Brennan established the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, where she taught others the skills and techniques that she had learned through her research, studies, and experience. This school is designed to train professional healers, as well as to facilitate the personal transformation to enhance any life experience. She created a language to describe energetic systems that she perceived and wrote the books that became the classic workbooks for Energy Healing all over the world.


Her first book, Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field, is considered the primer in the field of spiritual healing. There are over one million copies in print in 22 languages. Her second book, Light Emerging: The Journey of Personal Healing, takes the reader further into the world of relationships. Her books contain drawings of auras and energy fields and descriptions of how human energy fields interact with each other. 


Her most recent releases are the Seeds of the Spirit series and Core Light Healing, published in 2017. Barbara Brennan’s unique combination of scientific discernment and analysis with the spiritual makes her work remarkable and important to the development of human consciousness and healing.


Barbara Brennan’s unique combination of scientific discernment and analysis with the spiritual make her work remarkable and important to the development of human consciousness and healing.

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