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I work with people who long to reconnect with what’s missing - 
Even if they don’t know what that is yet.

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My healing sessions release energy blocks in your field and 

restructure your chakras back to vitality and balance.

Rediscover your true self and unique gifts

so you can live in the fulfillment of your highest purpose!

This is an invitation for your sacred journey of personal transformation to heal at a deeper level and set your soul free!
I offer a way to take you to the next level for deep and lasting personal transformation.

I offer you:

  • A safe and confidential environment for you to share your heart’s longings

  • Unconditional love and compassion in a judgment-free space

  • Community and belonging

  • Spiritual connection, enlightenment, and enlivenment of your higher gifts

  • A unique and powerful way to unpack the many life experiences that have been blocking your energy flow, health, and happiness

  • A way to melt your defenses to experience your authentic self with your heart fully open 

  • Freedom to play and consider infinite possibilities that would fulfill your heart’s longings and soul’s life’s task

  • A heart-centered life in balance with your inherent Divine Feminine and Masculine qualities energies.

All energy healings include specific techniques

taught at the Brennan School of Healing Science.

This includes:

  • Restructure, realign, recharge, and open Chakras

  • Detangle, disconnect, and repair cords 

  • Restore healthy energetic boundaries in the Auric Field 

  • Clear the astral level of lower energies and entities

  • Ground into your life with aligned, effortless intentions 

  • Fully embody your physical and divine nature  

  • Heal distortions of ancestral lineage cords to restore safety and belonging

  • Heal the chakras and chords of a broken heart, betrayal, and abandonment

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