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Sharon Daffner Bakes

Certified Advanced Brennan Energy Healer

Therapeutic Transformational Counselor

Before becoming an Energy Healer and Energy Therapist, I had a 25-year career in Corporate America in NYC. Through events I consider to be part of a higher ‘divine intervention’ combined with my free will to choose,  I left my career and enrolled in the highly respected Barbara Brennan School of Healing Science. As part of my personal transformation, I earned a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Therapeutic Energy Healing Science. 


I’m a loving mother of two Neurodiverse children, living in Sag Harbor, NY with my husband, dog, backyard squirrels, and wild turkeys! ​

I grew up in New Jersey in the 1970s, a time of social upheaval. My parents were divorced and remarried; preoccupied with their new relationships and careers. My childhood reflected abandonment and the absence of safe, reliable adults. I had to navigate my way at a young age. I never felt like I fit in, was enough, or that there was enough for me. 


Like many teenage girls, I had an unhealthy obsession with my body image, food, and weight. That led to an education in nutrition and becoming a Nutritionist at a major NYC Hospital. I continued on a Master’s in Public Health and moved to NYC to pursue my career. I was ambitious and driven. However, my emotional maturation was arrested from early childhood wounding of abandonment and betrayal. 


This eventually led to my ‘bottom’ in my mid-30s.


I eventually bought a home outside of the mania of NYC to find balance and peace again. A year later, I took a vacation to St. Lucia and met my future husband. We married 18 months later and I was pregnant within three months—a true miracle at 40! My entire life changed.  Six years after my first child, we adopted our beautiful daughter at five weeks old. This was another miracle. But I was exhausted and overwhelmed trying to maintain the same level of performance in my career. My relationships suffered and I couldn’t properly care for myself. I was breaking my neck trying to do it all and I didn’t like my life. Something had to change and change it did! 


I found my way to a local Energy Healer. I started to feel new clarity in my priorities. I found my voice from within a small, still place and began to rediscover what lit me up. I left my corporate career and enrolled in the highly respected 4-year Brennan School of Healing Science (BBSH), an accredited college in Florida, and began to transform my life. I never looked back. I traveled five times a year for week-long intensive training and graduated with a four-year degree in Energy Healing Science. I loved the teachers, and learning, and felt a deep sense of belonging. 


Eventually, I completed my training in the Advanced Studies Graduate Program at the Brennan School of Healing Science and am now in private practice. During COVID, I established weekly Zoom meditations and workshops which continue today.  I also offer my therapeutic healing modality 1:1 in person, in groups, and on Zoom.

The spiritual guidance I receive allows me to be a conduit or channel for your highest healing. I hold a field of Divine Love to help you release energy blocks to recover the sweet essence of your being. 

 I am passionate about supporting people on their spiritual journeys through energy healing!

The Present Moment - Now, as a practicing Brennan Integrative Energy Therapist and Healer, it is my sincere desire to support you on your journey to discover and live from your heart’s longings. My personal experiences, compassion, unique gifts, and training offer you a powerful way to get there.  I desire to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you long to be.


I offer powerful hands-on energy healing and therapy to assist you with your process to manifest the life you desire to create. Energy medicine is the cutting edge of healing science and touches every aspect of one’s life to shine your light and rediscover your unique essence!


I help to rediscover and reignite the self-healing power inherent within you to live a life of joy, pleasure, love, and authenticity of who you truly are! 

Education And Credentials

  • BS Nutrition, Masters Public Health

  • Certified EFT, Nutrition/Wellness, Life & Relationship Coach

  • BBSH 4-year graduate - Brennan Healing Science Practitioner

  • BBSH 2-year Masters in Brennan Integrative Therapeutic Healing 

  • Brennan Integrative Therapeutic Practitioner and Advanced Energy Healer

  • Meditation and Workshop Leader

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