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Energy healing sessions release energy blocks in your field and 

restructure your chakras back to vitality and balance.


Your body and energy field have a natural and spontaneous tendency to evolve towards a state of health. The healing process is that of “remembering”, aligning yourself with who you really are, and embodying it very concretely at all levels, including at the cellular level. This “cosmic memory” is found in the different layers of the aura. The healing process is a process that balances the energies in each of these layers or subtle bodies. When the energies in each body are balanced, we find health again.

How This Applies To Your Life

Each client has an active role in his healing process. No matter how miraculous some results may seem, what a healer can do is to encourage your own self-awareness, awaken your personal power, and invite you to heal yourself through natural healing processes. Health is not only about the physical body, but it is also a balance and harmony in all aspects of our lives. Inner healing restores balance and health in all aspects of the person by directly working on the bodily, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of the human being, including belief systems and their influence on the reality experienced by the client. External healing helps to restore balance in the different layers of the aura, including the physical body, using techniques and energy balancing and charging.

What Is Energy Healing?
It is a way to rediscover your true self and unique gifts
so you can live in the fulfillment of your highest purpose!


How I Work

I offer 1:1 private sessions in person, by phone, or via Zoom. I also offer group healing sessions and healing meditations. Each session is practiced in a safe and confidential setting to clear your energy field of blocks, restructure your Chakras, realign, rebalance and uplift your vibration. All of this restores vitality, clarity, peace, and well-being to your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual levels.


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Does this speak to you? 

  • Do you want to feel the freedom of financial abundance?

  • Are you burned out in your career and seeking to create a livelihood that fulfills you? 

  • Do you often feel overwhelmed and anxious?

  • Do you experience episodes of rage or anger? 

  • Confusion or depression? 

  • Do you suffer from chronic health issues and often feel out of balance?

  • Do you feel alone, unsupported, or disconnected from your life?

Learn more, ask questions of me, it would be my pleasure!


Email:  or  Text: 917-509-6189

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