What my clients say…

»I met Sharon while she was a student at Brennan School of Healing Science. Sharon was warm and welcoming when I came into her healing space. I was immediately drawn to her and I felt a sense of safety, comfort and ease as she sat with me to explain what an energy healing entailed. She listened to me with deep empathy. Sharon generously opened her heart, offered her energy, her time and care to me in these healing sessions on a regular basis over the past several years. She has been able to hold space for me to witness my journey of healing. I am deeply grateful to Sharon for her unique healing skills, talents and divine faith that has deepened over the years. She worked with my physical ailments; I had hip replacement surgery and she supported and accelerated my healing process, reduced my post surgery pain, strengthened the surrounding hip area to rehabilitate quicker-to my doctors’ and physical therapist’s amazement-and strengthened my other hip which became painful after surgery. She was also able to support me on my journey of career transition by helping me connect deeply into my true longings and release long-held distorted beliefs and images about who I was and wasn’t which blocked me from moving forward in my life and prevented me from finding true joy and fulfillment. I recommend Sharon to anyone longing to heal physically, emotionally or spiritually and deeply connect with their true essence. I feel like miracles have happened because I am fulfilled and happy in my relationships, I changed careers, I am able to express my true creativity and my health has dramatically improved. Thank you, Sharon for your love and energy healing!«

C.N.New York City

»Sharon has a centered, compassionate presence. Her healing work is very deep and connected. She is very supportive and understanding; being with her has brought peace and trust to me. Having the opportunity to work with her has been an experience that allowed me to open, feel more connected with others and feel better on a physical and spiritual level. I have been able to reduce the level of anxiety and fear I carry in my life at work, in relationships and with my family and I am living from ease and love more of the time now. I am so grateful!«

L.S.Sag Habor, NY

»I have had regular healing work with Sharon over the last couple of years and it has made a profound impact on my life. I’ve had digestive and breathing issues for years. The work that Sharon has done with me by restructuring my chakras and teaching me with breathwork has restored me to balance and health! Sharon helped me to see the connection between a long-term unhealthy relationship I was afraid to leave as the cause of many of my health symptoms, and to let go of distorted beliefs and images about myself that kept me stuck. She’s been such a gift in my life and I have referred her to a number of my friends and who are equally grateful and changing their lives for the better. My quality of life has improved in such an amazing way that I can’t put it into words, thank you Sharon!«

M.D.Southampton, NY

»Sharon is a gifted and unique healer. Over the course of several months, I have received long distance healings from her and have felt significant shifts in my energy system. Even though I live far away in a different time zone, I can feel her working deeply on me throughout the healing session. She is non-judgmental, compassionate and curious. She knows how to simply be with me when I am stuck or resisting. I feel comfortable to be myself in her presence; in all my imperfections and defenses. Sharon also brings a high level of spiritual awareness to the sessions. Her spiritual path and devotion to the Divine or a Higher Source brings a level of healing to the work that is profoundly meaningful to me. I feel so blessed to receive healings from her and to know that she is holding my hand as I traverse a path of healing. I recommend her to anyone with a longing to heal and transform.«


»I’ve been a believer in energy healing, but it really hit home when during a healing session with Sharon, I experienced what felt like energy shooting up my spine and release a huge block at the base of my spine. It was a palpable physical experience of energy moving and releasing in my body. In other sessions, I’ve felt the removal of heavy dark energy in my stomach and liver area and an amazing feeling of detoxification after the healing. Many times in a healing with Sharon, an hour will fly by if it were 10 minutes and I felt so completely rested, restored and clear-headed. What I have been trying to get in meditation, I found on Sharon’s healing table!«

D.F.Amagansett, NY