Sessions & Journeys Overview


Brennan Energy Healing brings alignment within the areas you desire to heal, discover, understand and connect with to transform your life into one of your clear intention and manifestation. I work with people who feel a longing to reconnect with something that is missing.

I work with people who…

• have a longing to rediscover what their true passion in life is

• feel alone, invisible, unseen, not heard by others, misunderstood

• have difficulty trusting others and create drama

• are stuck in familiar patterns and cycles of relationships that are painful

• never have enough money no matter how much you earn

• are burned out in their career, missing the passion they used to have

• feel confusion, anxiety, overwhelmed with managing life

• feel angry, depressed or swinging between the two

• strive to be better than others to compensate for what you believe you lack

• are chronically sick, have body pains, are exhausted, out of balance and stuck

Do you long to….

• feel true freedom from self limitations, idealized images and self imposed expectations

• feel connected to your true self and your longings to create what you are passionate about

• feel at ease with others and able to connect from your essence

• experience authentic joy and laughter more often

• be in relationship with others in authenticity and trust

• have deeper connections with your family, friends, partner

• be really seen for who you are, heard and understood

• feel wholeness in health, energy and passion

• not be in competition with others, with life or with yourself

• feel like you’re truly enough and that you matter

Does this speak to you?

Programs & Fees

All Healing Session Packages

May include vibration/sound, essential oils and crystal support in the healing.

Additional Services

• Angel Card Readings

• Healing & restoration of facial lines and spots through the removal of spiritual, emotional and mental blocks in the auric system

• Holographic Breathwork

• Life, Wellness and Nutrition Coaching Sessions

• Mindfulness Meditation

• Multidimensional Vision Board Creation

• Tapping (EFT)/Emotional Freedom Technique

• Pet Healing

Group Workshop prices for the above will vary based on the number of attendees

1. 45-day Intensive Beginners Program:

Weekly sessions consisting of:

  • About 30 mins therapeutic counseling
  • 30 – 45 mins of energy therapy healing work
  • Emotional energy clearing, meditation, breathwork
  • Charging and balancing chakras

2. 60-day Deeper Dive Program:

Weekly Energy Therapy sessions consisting of:

  • 30 —45 mins therapeutic counseling 
  • 30 – 45 mins of energy therapy healing 
  • Emotional clearing, meditation, breathwork
  • Charging and balancing chakras
  • Opening your energy system to all possibilities you wish to manifest

3. 90-day Transformation Program: 

Weekly Energy Therapy sessions

  • 30 -45 mins therapeutic counseling, guided meditation, breathwork
  • 30 – 45 mins of energy therapy healing work
  • Emotional clearing
  • Charging and balancing chakras
  • Clearing split intentions, align your intentions with soul’s longings
  • Open your energy system to manifest all possibilities
  • Check-in phone or Zoom session every other week in between energy therapy

4. 180-day Intensive Life-Transforming Program: 

Weekly Energy Therapy sessions for the first 30 days
Bi-weekly sessions for the next 120 days with check-in phone or Zoom sessions between sessions

Energy Therapy sessions:

  • 30 -45 mins therapeutic counseling
    • Presence your transference and projections that create distortions
    • Boundary work to establish safety with others
    • Communications work — clarity of words and intention
    • Grounding meditation
    • Breathwork to clear your energy and mind, bring in clarity and insights
  • 30 – 45 mins of energy therapy healing work
    • Emotional clearing
    • Moving frozen energy consciousness & wounds from childhood
    • Charging, repairing, and balancing chakras
    • Repairing energetic tears and relational cords in your field
    • Healing split intentions to align with your divine truth and soul’s longings
    • Opening & connecting your energy system to all possibilities you wish to manifest

Check-in sessions every other week in between energy therapy sessions


I accept cash, check or payment by Venmo which can be split up into two payments; One at the commencement and the other mid-way through the program.

Deeper Healing Journeys

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NYC – Metro

Healing sessions for people who live, work & travel between the NY/Metropolitan-Hamptons area and feel split intentions in their lifestyles, experience stress, anxiety, confusion, career challenges and burn-out.


Healing support for people with physical pain, chronic disease such as Lyme, EBV, neuropathy, migraines, thyroid disease, insomnia,  or would benefit from pre/post surgery recovery support.

For consult or to schedule a Clarity Session, contact:

Sharon Bakes via phone:  (917)509-6189    

or send email by clicking here


A 24-hour notification is required or you will be charged for the missed session.