Ignite Your Chakra System – Invite True Fulfillment

Calling All Successful, Empathic, Creative Women!


Do You “Have It All”, but still feel parts of your life are unfulfilled?


Do you find yourself burned out & feeling stuck in a loop of taking of care everyone else, except yourself?

Does something feel like it’s missing – that you aren’t where you want to be in your life?


Is it hard to focus on your needs, since there are so many other priorities and not enough time or energy for you?


When you think about what you really want, do you feel guilty or ungrateful and hear that judging inner voice say ‘Who do you think you are to be discontented when you have so much, and others have so little’ – so you dismiss your needs & longings?

Would you like to learn why this happens and how to break free from embedded patterns that get in the way of you living a purpose-filled life, in balance, with time to discover and pursue what lights you up?

If this resonates, then this mini-workshop series is for you:


“Ignite Your Chakra System – Invite True Fulfillment”

Activate your Life’s Calling, Purpose and Deeper Fulfillment through the Ancient Knowledge of the Chakra System

Restart your momentum and gain new-found inspiration so you can shift out of ‘Park’ into ‘Drive’ and go from where you are now to where you want to be.

Join Sharon Bakes, Brennan Energy Healing Practitioner for an intimate four-week zoom workshop, as she takes you on a soulful journey through the gateway to your Seven Chakras and back into balance, so you can align with your highest personal potential.

What You Will Receive:

  • Understand the functions and power of each Chakra to restore health, vitality, clarity & creativity so you can live in freedom and your divine feminine power.
  • Learn the ancient wisdom & deeper meaning of your Auric Field and 7 Chakras so that you can effortlessly align with your true purpose.
  • Learn how to harness the energy of your Chakras to connect with your higher truth & what gives you joy so that you release any guilt, make yourself a priority & enjoy the journey!
  • Restore feelings of safety, belonging, that you are enough, in balance with your emotional, physical and mental well-being so you can align, create and live from your highest personal potential in true fulfillment.

Starts June 8th through July 6th. Cost:  $125 for all 5 sessions or $30 per session.

How to register: