My Pledge to Each Client

Ethics & Integrity

I am aligned with the highest of ethical principles and integrity for the highest good of my clients. While I offer you proficiency in many amazing healing techniques, it is my sacred heart’s highest intention for the healing and awakening of each client I serve to be in complete confidentiality. I serve each client in the utmost respect for your courage to embark on your own unique healing journey.

Presence & Compassion

I am trained in bringing presence, listening and deep contact to each client in order to hold a safe container for you to experience healing from within. As I have gone through my own personal process and healing, I can hold a safe place for you with compassion and understanding.


As a graduate and practitioner of Brennan Healing Science, I am highly trained through the completion of a most rigorous 4-year professional studies curriculum and accredited College granting a B.S in Energy Healing Medicine. I am deeply passionate about my work and the personal spiritual path for each client.

Collaboration with your Healing Team

The healing process is of course different for each individual; what suits each client is unique to their needs and situation. I do not diagnose disease and I consider it essential that clients be in the care of a physician or seek conventional physician treatments concerning ailments and dis-ease, as is prudent.

I will collaborate with your interdisciplinary team of healers which may include your physicians, nutritionists, physical therapists, chiropractors, mental health therapists – and others – as you deem appropriate, to permit to me to support you for your highest good and recovery from illness, surgery and overall health and healing.