Just in Time for Thanksgiving!

Are you a people pleaser, care-taker, empath or parent who struggles with saying yes to everyone else and forgetting yourself?


Are you forever over-committed & feel pulled in a million directions from the demands of your career, family or both?


Do you have a hard time saying "NO" for fear of disappointing others, being excluded or judged?

If this describes some of your struggle, I would like to support you!

Please join my workshop:

The Energy & Power of Boundaries: Go From People Pleasing To Putting You First!

Learn what energy boundaries are, what they feel like & how to establish safe, healthy boundaries to create the life you want.

Sunday, November 24th

12:00-2:00 PM EST


Bakes & Kropp Showroom
3253 Noyak Rd, Sag Harbor, NY

Recognize boundary violators and how to stop being a people pleaser.

Learn skills to protect yourself from Energy Vampires & say goodbye to demanding, pushy people in your life!  

Be able to say ‘No’ when it doesn’t serve you and feel good about it!

No longer avoid places for fear of running into people who in the past sucked your energy.

Learn what your energy boundaries are, why they become activated & how to regain your center.

Learn to perceive and hold your Energetic Boundaries.

Dissipate overwhelm, exhaustion & and anxiety from your system to feel energized, embodied and grounded.

Experience more clarity and freedom to state what you need – and not feel guilty! 

Learn better relationship & parenting skills to experience easier interactions with family, friends & at work.

Stop arguing & negotiating with family members so you can be with your loved ones in ease, appreciation, joy and togetherness again!

Say yes to people and activities that nurture fun and time for you to develop your personal passions and interests.  

Experience a renewed sense of purpose, inspiration & creativity to choose to do what lights you up!

Yes, I want to sign up for this class!

Click below to RSVP. Cost is $40 payable by check or cash upon arrival to the class.

Questions? Contact me at 917-509-6189 or healinginthehamptons@gmail.com 
For additional information, visit: www.healinginthehamptons@gmail.com


About Me

Sharon Daffner Bakes

Workshop Facilitator, Certified Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, Energy Therapist, BS Nutrition, MPH, Health, Life & Wellness Consultant

I am dedicated to supporting women on their deeper spiritual, emotional and physical journey back to all of who you areIt is through my own journey – my painful childhood and young adult experiences that have shaped my purpose and commitment to this transformational healing work. In my healing practice, I hold the curious, tender and courageous nature of your soul to honor your inner voice that has called you to heal and live a more meaningful, live-out-loud, connected life!
Therapeutic Brennan Energy Healing sessions offer a powerful and unique way to embody yourself and the life you wish to create. Each client I work with has their own personal journey of healing and longings to be realized. My healing modality offers the energetic clearing of old emotional or physical wounds from childhood to: lessen anxiety, depression, co-dependence & people-pleasing; open your heart to trust, give and receive more love in relationships; clear mental confusion & creative fog that blocks you from manifesting a life and career that truly lights you up; and move out old energetic blocks held in the body that relate to chronic or acute health conditions. I offer this in my private office in Sag Harbor, NY in a completely confidential and safe environment and through long-distance sessions. Group sessions are also available as workshops.
Over a series of 1:1 sessions, you will learn what your energy field is, how it affects your state of well-being or 'dis-ease' and how you can care for your energy field in between sessions. I will clear, charge and balance your Chakras and Auric Field so you can experience a deeper perception of your own inner guidance, higher knowing & alignment of your intentions to your soul’s longings - what you came here to do, be, heal and create. In this transformational journey, you will become more connected to yourself in physical well-being, loving relationships, newfound clarity, purpose, inspiration, serenity, and happiness in your life! 

Harness the power and energy of your boundaries to say 'NO' to People Pleasing!

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