About Sharon Bakes
Owner, Healing In The Hamptons

My intention and mission is to promote the self-healing power inherent in each of us, help improve the quality of your life, educate, inspire hope and encourage self-responsibility to help you fulfill the longings you came here for and live your  life in the wholeness of who you truly are.

My Path of Transformation

I grew up in New Jersey with my older brother and my parents, who were married in their early 20’s. My mother went back to college when I was about 7, and they divorced about a year later. Both parents remarried more than once. My childhood was confusing, and I never felt that I was safe, that I was enough or that there was enough time, love or attention for me. I was alone much of the time and learned how to manage without the emotional connections from family members that many children take for granted. My mother and father were preoccupied with their careers and second marriages, my step-father was emotionally abusive and explosive and my step mother was erratic.

I longed for close friendships in school to replace the void in my home life and this became my lifeline. In high school, I had an interest in health, wellness and nutrition and my natural leanings led me to earn a BS in Nutrition and Biology at the University of Delaware. After college, I become a Nutritionist at a major NYC Hospital. From there, I earned my master’s degree from NYU’s Wagner School of Public Health and I moved to NYC to pursue my career. I was ambitious and driven in my career pursuits however, my emotional maturation into young adulthood was arrested by my childhood experiences. I tried to fill the ‘holes in my soul’ and feelings of low self-esteem by acquiring the many trappings of success.


From 1988 through 2002, I lived in NYC and worked as a Corporate Health, Wellness and Employee Benefits Consultant to employers. I loved my career, the clients I worked with, the variety of opportunities, the freedom it afforded me and the energy and excitement of living and working in NYC. The saying “It’s never too late to have a happy childhood” applied to me during those years from my late 20’s into my mid 30’s. I lived with responsibly only to myself and my career; I denied myself nothing I wanted towards the pursuit of immediate gratification.

The demanding and stressful career I created in NYC led to the gift I call my first real ‘bottom’. I was in and out of unhealthy relationships with men, I alienated myself in the workplace by being a ‘steam-roller’, I pushed myself constantly in work and socially, I managed to out-spend my very lucrative income and I still felt alone and disconnected. I became involved with a man who was an addict and alcoholic and found my way to Alanon – on my knees, as is said in 12-step. I was in my late 30’s, and I realized that if I continued on this path, I would never fulfill my true longings to be married, be a mom and have a balance in my life with a fulfilling career. I wanted to understand my self-defeating patterns that left me in pain, feeling shameful, disconnected and lonely, making poor choices in dating, feeling rejected and abandoned in friendships and unable to forgive or feel safe in my relationship with my mother. Alanon was the door that opened to recovering myself – but it was going to be a long road!

Sag Harbor

At 37, I bought a house in Sag Harbor as a place to restore myself to sanity from the pace of NYC, find balance and peace. A year later, I took a vacation to St. Lucia and met my future husband! We married a year and a half later and I was pregnant within 3 months – a blessing at the age of 39!

My entire life changed. My husband and I decided to give Sag Harbor a chance as a full-time home, and I commuted to NYC on the Hampton Jitney bus. My commutes were 2.5-3 hours long each way and I experienced increasing exhaustion, frustration, burnout and decline in career fulfillment. I felt I had to continue to earn the high level of income I enjoyed to maintain my lifestyle and a new family. I feared who would I be without my identity and self-esteem wrapped up in my career?

My Breaking Point

We adopted our beautiful daughter 6 years after my son, at 5 weeks old – another true blessing in our lives. However, I was at a breaking point. I couldn’t be or do anything with my full presence and that created deep struggles within myself. I was completely stressed maintaining the level of performance I always gave in my career. I was crying on my long commutes home because I longed to be with my family and I had little left to give to my children and husband when I got home. My relationships at home, work, with family and friends were really suffering; I was sharp, cranky and not to fun to be around and I complained a lot. I wasn’t taking good care of myself, eating well or sleeping enough. I didn’t like who I was and didn’t know who I had become. I knew something had to change.

Discovering Energy Healing

Not surprisingly, I started experiencing body pain in my back, shoulders and neck from the pervasive lack of sleep and commuting to and from NYC with heavy computer bags that left my hands weak and numb at night. At the suggestion of my chiropractor and acupuncturist, I started seeing an Energy Healer in my community. Once a week, my body, mind and spirit was ‘In the Shop’ for the better part of a day. It was what I needed just to survive the demands of my work and family life.

Things improved and I started to feel less anxiety within a few weeks of receiving Energy Healings, which I continued on a weekly basis. They offered me a safe, welcome and confidential place to cry, be heard, supported and to be healed from the inside out. I started to feel new clarity in my life and my priorities, which helped me find my voice again, and brought me into a state of deep grounding, well-being and the restoration of my energy in a more balanced, integrated way. I experienced new-found happiness and could finally realize what my true longings were that I had been denying myself.  

The Courage to Change my Career

In February of 2013, I learned I had stenosis in my cervical spine from an old ski accident in my 20’s and needed cervical fusion in three locations on my neck. This was major surgery from which I was required to stay at home and convalesce for 6 months post-surgery. For the first time in my life, I dropped everything – my job, social contacts and became still and quiet to feel into what my heart truly longed for. The energy healing I had received opened my world view to new possibilities, and I decided to enroll in the highly-respected Brennan School of Healing Science (BBSH), a 4-year accredited college in Florida to become an Energy Medicine Healer. I traveled to BBSH five times a year for week-long intensive trainings and graduated with a four year degree in Energy Medicine.

Starting My Healing Practice In The Hamptons

My Energy Therapy practice, Healing in the Hamptons is located in Sag Harbor, NY. I offer one on one sessions in packages, group workshops and remote energy therapy sessions to woman located throughout the country and the world.

It is my sincere desire to help women who long to connect deeper into their true authenticity, to improve their health, to be in loving, committed relationships, and manifest their true passions.

Brennan Healing Science offers a powerful way to change one’s life and I wish to bring forth this knowledge to help women who are ready to heal their bodies, their hearts, examine their beliefs and go deeper into their spiritual journey.

Education and Credentials

• Brennan Healing Science (BHS) Graduate in Energy Medicine

• Masters in Public Health Admin, Wagner School NYU

• B.S in Nutrition, University of Delaware

• Certified Wellness & Nutrition Coach

• Certified in ACA Health Exchange Plans

• Certified EFT/Tapping Technique

• Meditation/Breathwork Coach

The Inspiration for Healing in the Hamptons

The foundation and inspiration for Healing in the Hamptons is based upon Dr. Barbara Brennan’s work, the founder of Brennan School for Healing Science who is a former NASA physicist, pioneer and innovator in the field of energy consciousness, energy medicine and energy healing.

In the 1980’s, Dr. Brennan established the Brennan School of Healing Science in East Hampton, NY and then moved the school to the Bridgehampton Community Center for several more years. Dr. Brennan lived and worked in East Hampton when she wrote her two groundbreaking books “Hands of Light ®” published in 1987 and “Light Emerging ®”, published in 1993.

The higher vibration of healing consciousness continues to resonate strongly throughout the communities that compose the Hamptons today. The Hamptons are a special place, famous for miles of beaches and natural beauty and has always attracted people in search of their own path to peace, solitude and restoration in a spiritual and healing environment.

Healing in the Hamptons is dedicated to healing through the principles of applied Energy Medicine and Brennan Healing Science. I offer a powerful hands-on energy healing technique to assist you with your personal process of healing and manifesting the life you long to create. Energy healing touches every aspect of your life to help you discover your unique gifts and longings to bring into the world.